About WNBADraft.net

The WNBADraft.net Mock Draft is a year round, continuously updated projection of the WNBA Draft.
Once the WNBA season ends, the order of the teams from 15-60 are in place. After the May draft lottery, the official order of the draft is set.

The team needs are not factored into the mock draft until after the NBA season ends.

Our projections are based on the opinions of the scouts that work for WNBADraft.net, as well as external sources and information.

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Draft Rounds:

There are currently 3 Rounds in the WNBA Draft. From 1997-2002, there were 4 Rounds.


A draft lottery determines the order for the first 4 picks of the draft. The 4 teams that are eligible for the lottery are the teams with the worst records at the end of the season, with the teams with the worse record receiving better odds for the top pick. After the first 4 picks, the rest of the teams are placed in reverse order of their regular season records. The first round order is used for the rest of the rounds as well.


All players are eligible to enter the WNBA draft, regardless of age or country.